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“ Fight and Fitness Training is a well established  "one stop shop” for personal boxing training ,mma,fitness & EXCLUSIVE & PRIVATE "street self defence” classes Gold Coast .

Try our private "street self defence" classes NOW! The complete system is a very effective & unique street self defence/combat system that you wont find anywhere else!..Guaranteed !   Our training is suitable for all fitness levels & we run private mens,women & kids self defence lessons (Gold Coast).

…the choice is yours.!

THE BEST Self Defence Lessons on Gold Coast !

Train with a very unique program which is completely customized that will help you in all aspects of general health,well being and personal safety.Fight and Fitness Training provide fully personalized basic or fully comprehensive training programs based on your specific goals in the following martial arts ,self defense or fighting styles: 

The best martial arts gold coast

GROUP BOXING TRAINING - (only available for our unique PAD WORK COURSES and WORKSHOPS

NEW !  UNIQUE Basic & Advanced Boxing PadWork Courses

SPARRING  *** Sparring requires experience & with permission of coaches/instructors.

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Because we offer private services, all classes & programs are by appointment only, NO “WALK- INS”.)

You will be supported by an excellent coach/instructor or trainer who has a very good reputation for skills, both in teaching and fighting/self defence.

All programs are open to the complete beginner as well as experienced martial artists of either sex and offers interesting and enjoyable classes, from novice and beyond. Training is aimed at producing rounded and effective martial artists capable of reacting to whatever they have to face on the street or other situations.

(Please note we DO NOT offer the regular "UFC" competition style of MMA training you get everywhere else. We specialise in a very effective &  unique "street self defence/combat system consisting of 10 mixed martial arts .

We offer affordable,TRUE 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 Private and Exclusive training,coaching and tuition services which are not usually found anywhere else. 

Private "street self defence" classes Gold Coast


The “UFS SELF DEFENCE & FIGHTING SYSTEM” is a very effective ,unique ,modern combat system that finds its roots in the training methods of TEN different Martial Arts ! You will NOT find this exact system anywhere else.!

Train individually or "MIX & MATCH” any program or short course. A fully customized personal fitness program & nutrition plan can also accompany any martial art /boxing program or short course to help you reach your fitness goals.“NOT to be found anywhere else”

Many martial art systems take years to learn and master,BUT ALL OUR FULLY COMPREHNSIVE MARTIAL ART PROGRAMS ARE DESIGNED TO BE UTILIZED USING A “FAST TRACK SYSTEM” this will ensure you reach your goals in the most efficient,safest & fastest time possible.. Guaranteed !

“The aim is to teach you STAND-UP fighting skills with some ground skills where appropriate. This is what really happens in a street confrontation and is a fun area to train. From Boxing and kicking, to locking, throwing and tripping. If you’re interested in ’stand up combat’ or for personal self defense purposes then come and join”. Start training with us and discover this beautiful ,very unique and devastating mixed martial art .  With this unique way of training, your whole body will turn into a weapon and you will become proficient in all ranges of combat.

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Discover private filipino martial arts training gold coast

Our very effective & unique street self defence/combat system consists of mixed, filipino martial arts (FMA).Fully customised Private Programs & training is designed to meet your needs & goals.

Taking on Martial Arts , should be above anything else, about learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones; so if that’s one of the main reason you are here please don’t hesitate to contact Fight and Fitness Training for more info or to book your first session.......   or call  0404883700   or  +44(07)55788239 .

Try it, you won't be disappointed

BOOK  YOURSELF  IN  NOW ! for private One on One or Two on One private coaching , tuition or private personal training.

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