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Private Street Self Defence Classes Gold Coast

This part of the website is for those who are thinking of starting or progressing further through our unique self defence system or have completed any of our private street self defence classes (gold coast). This is intended to help you as a rough guide with your study of some of the best martial arts, (including private filipino martial arts training (gold coast) personal boxing training.

 This isn’t a rock solid guide as all goals/paths are different depending upon your individual needs and personal areas of interest. 


With this very unique way of training, your whole body will turn into a weapon and you will become very proficient in self defence & all ranges of combat.

Best martial arts (gold coast)

Private One to one & two to one personal tuition and presentations will  supplement what you learn in class.

Many martial art systems take years to learn and master,BUT ALL OUR FULLY COMPREHNSIVE MARTIAL ART PROGRAMS ARE DESIGNED TO BE UTILIZED USING A “FAST TRACK SYSTEM” this will ensure you reach your goals in the most efficient,safest & fastest time possible.. Guaranteed !

Our aim is to teach you STAND-UP fighting skills & self defence with ground skills where appropriate. 

Stick & knife self defence is also available

This is what really happens in a street confrontation and is a fun area to train.

From Boxing and kicking, to locking, throwing and tripping. If you’re interested in ’stand up combat’ or for personal self defense purposes then contact us now!

  • Grading ? We have a Periodisation “Phase” system in place . Because our systems are so unique ,it is not possible or required to have a traditional Grading System.We enable you to break up the path towards your goals into achievable chunks which allows us to see if you have understood the technical requirements for each “phase”. Phases are guaranteed to give you in depth knowledge of technique, tactics and strategy plus they develop attributes to make you the best you can be. We try to make sure that you have all necessary practical aspects & in-depth knowledge of each phase before you progress to the next Phase of training. We also test you under pressure. Some people find the pressure quite hard to manage but that is the point. A street fight should you ever find your self there is much more pressured though slightly more instinctive. So in the Phases it’s about you keeping your cool, preparing well, and showing your knowledge. Many of our clients say that after completing/passing their Phases they feel they can go on in life to do anything they choose and succeed.
  • How many Phases to Complete ? On average we have six phases per program which can be completed in a time frame dependent  on your commitment & progress & also on your goals & personal needs.
  • How long does it take to get to top level of any program ? This is dependent  on your commitment & progress & also on your goals & personal needs.

Whatever your reason might be for looking into learning self defense or Martial Arts, Contact Fight and Fitness Training for more info or to book your first session....... call  0404883700   or  +44(07)55788239 .

Try it, you won't be disappointed

BOOK  YOURSELF  IN  NOW ! for private One on One or Two on One private coaching , tuition or private personal training.

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